Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wedding Cake

Some may say that the grandiose of the wedding reception is the wedding cake. Wedding cakes have dramatically changed over the decades, just as any art form molds and changes throughout the times. There are also different spins on the idea of the traditional wedding cake. The modern wedding consists of eighty-sixin' some old wedding traditions and implementing new, creative themes and ideas. One thing that has stayed constant, but ever changing at the same time, is the wedding cake. Important choices to make when finding your wedding cake are budget, design, and flavor.

Cake budget has been on the minds of brides for as long as wedding planning has been going on. However, the opinions are changing at a rapid rate. The base budget of your cake, whenever you decide what your budget is, is going to be the "per slice" fee. Most bakeries and cake designers start with that. Cakes range from $1.50 per slice (for do it yourself brides) to $20.00 per slice, for the most elaborate cake design, with the "per slice" fee being said, its important you coordinate this to the amount of RSVPs that you've received. Remember, those who eat the main course, will also expect cake. The average wedding cake costs around $550.00. There is no set design or tier that coordinates with this cost. It all depends on who you get to design your cake and how many embellishments that you add to it.

The design element of the cake deciphers how much you pay for it, after deciding how many mouths you want to feed. The two main frosting types for wedding cakes are: butter-cream and fondant. Butter-cream is far less expensive than fondant and traditionally tastes better. Embellishments like fondant pearls, gum paste flowers, and multiple tiers will add additional costs to the cake. Since the topic of design is up to bat, there have been new spins and creations on the traditional cake concept. Some brides are choosing to serve "mini cakes" to their guests that would otherwise replicate a large centerpiece. Others opt for cupcakes designed around a cupcake tree, a structure built to hold individual cup cakes somewhat in the shape of a cascading tree.

It has to taste good. Glass half-empty personalities would often say that wedding cake doesn't even taste good and they don't know why brides spend money on it. Well, today's cakes are not from your mother's wedding. Today's bakers and cake specialists are coming up with some of the most creative and delicious flavors to incorporate in wedding cakes. Flavors can range from the traditional vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry to some fun and elaborate tastes such as butter pecan, Italian cream, and pear. Bakers are incorporating fruit flavors in between cake layers and drizzling chocolate over the tops of layers to act as a bonding agent.

Whether your cake is round, square, abstract, or traditional, we are sure that with the top three things to think about when designing your wedding cake, you will feel confident knowing that you planned ahead.

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Cake Toppers

To flaunt the couples' individual style and their preferences classic and unique custom cake on cakes are now designed in a way that they highlight the creativity of the couple. For every bride, to be walking down the aisle and stepping into the world of dreams is something she always dreams of. Accessories, the gown, and the tiara are all most of the time designed by the modern bride herself. Besides this she also takes on the responsibility of buying favors that match the d├ęcor perfectly while adopting a theme for the wedding day.

Add magic to the wedding cake:

The decorative addition on the top of the cake is called the topper, and when it is customized it becomes the custom cake topper. A dual purpose is served by the cake toppers we see in today's times. To keep in line with the wedding favors and the theme of the wedding they add a touch of class and glamour to the wedding cakes. Wedding cakes differ in size as well as the number of tiers, and it is the custom cake toppers that add magic to the unique wedding cake. Nowadays we see many wedding planners and couples who first choose the toppers and then accordingly decide the theme of the wedding and the gown of the bride.

Wedding cakes that are unique have multi layers of marzipan and with a good amount of icing. They are very elaborately decorated. Custom toppers have always helped in adding good quality to the photographs of the wedding and enhancing the overall look of the cake and as well. But today the unique cake has no longer remained the same. The cakes made with a combination of ice-cream and cake as well as fresh fruit has replaced the rum and plum cake which was made traditionally.

An extension of the couple:

These toppers for the cake are also replicated as car decorations, centre pieces, threshold designs and wedding favors. In the attempt of designing cake both the bride and groom as well as the family spend a lot of quality time together. You can term them as extensions of the couple as well as their lifestyle. Usually, along with a piece of the topmost tier, the unique cake toppers are stored till the first child is born. Wedding cake toppers are now easily available with a number of offline as well as online resources.

In the art of cake making, the classic and unique custom cake toppers are viewed as an absolute essential. You can design a number of fun themed toppers to symbolize anything from a funny representation of the two to a joke shared by the families! toppers have become symbolic of contemporary tastes and times. Common passions, likes and dislikes, teasers, photograph poses, sport and any amount of humor are some of the designs of a custom cake topper. An absolutely abstract idea can also be used to design wedding cakes and wedding toppers. At the wedding the undeniable focus is the cake with the unique cake topper on that delicious cake.

Wedding Cupcake Cakes

More and more women are deciding to use wedding cupcake cakes at their wedding rather than the usual wedding cake. If you're not sure which you'd like to have at your own wedding, you will probably be interested in knowing why cupcakes are better than a regular cake. Besides the obvious fact that they will save you money, there are three other reasons why they are better.

Cupcakes are one of the newest trends. If you want to be ahead of the crowd and like doing things that are unique, then this is definitely the option for you. Displays of elegant cupcakes are just starting to show up everywhere, including bridal shows.

Cupcakes are easier to work with. Baking cupcakes is a lot easier than baking a cake, which requires a lot more work to look nice. In the event that the decorations on a cupcake don't come out just right, it can be thrown away rather than wasting an entire cake. They are also much easier to transport to your wedding reception and serving them to your guests is a breeze.

Cupcakes add more variety. Instead of a single flavor of cake with one kind of decoration, you can have as many flavors as you'd like. The decorations can be as traditional or trendy as you'd like and each cupcake can even have its own unique look.

So if you're looking for something different for your wedding, you should definitely consider wedding cupcake cakes. Not only will you have an easier time working with the smaller cupcakes than you would with a larger cake, but you'll have a unique and memorable display that will add the perfect touch to your reception.

Cupcake Cakes

There is no denying that cupcake cakes are fast becoming a new tradition at birthday parties, showers, and even weddings. They are versatile, simple and practical. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to explore your creativity and cater to every event and any guest!

If you are looking for cake ideas that allow you to indulge your creativity, then cupcake cakes are your answer. Working with multiple pieces allows you to vary colors, and even decorations. These individual cakes also allow you to include a variety of flavors in one simple design. If needed you could even cater to your guest specific dietary needs (like nut allergies, gluten free, or diabetic).

Cupcake cakes are known to come in two forms. The first is also called pull-apart cake and can be defined as a mass of cupcakes arranged in a certain shape (like a particular animal or number) and decorated to look like a whole cake. The second form is individual cupcakes arranged on stands or tiers to take the shape of larger cake, this is the most common form for wedding cupcake cakes.

Even if you are not oozing with creativity, cupcake cakes are the perfect choice. Cupcakes are simpler to bake than an entire cake and require a lot less experience. They are also a lot more forgiving, if you mess up on one its easier to toss (or scrape off) one rather than an entire cake.

Cupcakes are also a great choice for practical reasons. First off, they are easier to transport than any cake. And transporting cupcakes has become even easier with all the new cases available. Second, cupcake cakes are an excellent choices for parties or wedding because they do not require any cutting, utensils or plates. And last, just look at them they speak for themselves they are beautiful, whimsical, and totally do-able.

Cake Balls

If you have an upcoming party, you might be thinking of a fancy finger food that would appeal to everyone. For children's party, baby showers or any other gathering, a sweet dessert is always a big hit. Such food item with a rich taste would complete a heavy main course. You may consider serving some cake for the party, which your guests would definitely love.

You can put a twist to the usual kind of cake that you have for dessert. In fact, you can come up with a smaller version of these rich and creamy treats. Cake balls are truly ideal for such parties because these are easy to eat. Your guest will love the fact that these food items come with a nice paper cup so they can eat the cake without any mess. Moreover, the lovely appearance of these ball-shaped cakes adds to the overall appeal of the delicious treats.

Check out this easy recipe for cake balls. You can prepare about three dozen of these in only a few minutes. Thus, you will definitely have a blast making this food item because of the convenience. For this recipe, you must have these ingredients to make the perfect cake balls.

Yellow or white cake mix, 18.25 oz. package 
Chocolate-flavored cake frosting, 16 oz. 
Chocolate coating bar, 6 oz. 
A bag of candy sprinkles 
As for the tools for this recipe, be sure to have these with you: 
50 paper muffin cups 
Rectangular cake pan (9 x 13-inch) 
Mixing bowl 
Big metal spoon or melon baller 
Wax paper or aluminum foil 
Two pieces of baking sheets 
Cling wrap 
Microwaveable container or bowl 
Electric mixer

Cooking Procedure: 
Prepare the cake mix by following the instructions indicated in the package. After baking, allot at least 30 minutes to let the cool cake completely. Then, put the cake inside a mixing bowl. Crumble the cake with your hands or with the use of an electric mixer. Be sure that you have already crushed the cake well.

Pour the chocolate frosting inside the bowl to moisten the cake a bit. Continue mixing the cake until it has become smooth and free from lumps. Refrigerate the cake mixture to make it firm. You can keep it in the refrigerator for three hours or overnight.

Meanwhile, prepare the baking sheets by covering it these with wax paper or aluminum foil. Then, remove the cake mixture from the refrigerator and use a baller to form small balls with it. As you form each cake, place it on the baking sheet. Freeze the cake balls for an hour to keep them firm and set.

Take the chocolate coating from the package and put it in a microwave-safe container. Set the microwave into 30 seconds and melt the coating. Afterwards, stir the coating until it has melted completely. Dip the balls of cake in the chocolate coating. You may use a toothpick to hold the cake for more ease in covering it with chocolate. Then, sprinkles some chopped nuts or candy sprinkles all over the cake.

Use the paper cups to put the cake balls in. Refrigerate once again and serve cold.

You will definitely find it easy to make these cake balls because of the simple cooking procedure. Try this recipe now and have fun preparing this delectable tasty treat.

Cookie Cake

For those of you looking forward to Easter time, the one thing that makes Easter incredibly special are decorated Easter cookies. Just like Christmas cookies have become a staple of Christmas time, so have Easter cookies become a part of Easter tradition. There are many great ways to adorn the Easter season and decorated Easter cookies are just one of them. Here are some tips on putting smiles on the faces of your children or friends this Easter season.

Decorated Easter Cookies Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Decorated Easter cookies can come in many shapes and sizes and if you can conceptualize it you can truly prepare it. For most people Easter is associated with bunnies, rabbits, chicks, lambs and Easter eggs. For the most part you can usually find most of these shapes and more in the form of cookie cutters.

Cookie cutters are usually easy to purchase at all discount shops, supermarkets, and craft shops. Or you can generally make them yourself- you just need some pliable metal and an idea. If you don't have a cookie cutter, no big deal. In fact a lot of people that are artistically gifted choose to cut their own shapes out of cookie dough by hand, without using any cookie cutter.

Decorated Easter Cookies Start Out with Delectable Cookie Dough

The most essential thing about the embellished Easter cookies that you create is that must taste just as great as they look. No one likes a nasty tasting cookie. For many chefs, a great cookie begins with delicious cookie dough. Yes, you can purchase the dough already pre-made and ready to cut, but for the purists out there, start with a family recipe that is either chocolate chip or of the sugar cookie variety.

Decorate Your Cookie Using the Tools of the Trade

It's easy to adorn your Easter cookies, just make sure you have all the accessories of the trade. They usually include, food coloring, colored icing, sprinkles, delicious candies such as licorice, M& M's, nuts, marshmallows, etc. Once you have gotten the cookie shape, let yourself or your kids use their creative magic to make cutely decorated Easter cookies. You can find food coloring and many cool decorating accessories at your local grocery store. You can even purchase pre-made Easter embellishments to add to your cookies, cakes or Easter eggs.

Presentation is Key

Once your newly designed Easter cookies are finished, make sure to show them off to the rest of the family and even give them away to your coworkers and friends. Savor the Easter spirit by showcasing your delicious and beautiful decorated Easter cookies.

One creative idea is to take some photographs of your adorned Easter cookies and include them in your annual Easter scrapbook, so you can always look back at the delicious and beautifully adorned Easter cookies that you have made.

You can also print the cookie recipe on an attractive recipe card and include a photo of your Easter cookies to give to family and friends. Most everyone appreciates handmade gifts, especially when it's a beloved family recipe.

If you are looking to magnify your gratification of Easter this year, take part in creating wonderfully decorated Easter cookies.