Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wedding Cake

Some may say that the grandiose of the wedding reception is the wedding cake. Wedding cakes have dramatically changed over the decades, just as any art form molds and changes throughout the times. There are also different spins on the idea of the traditional wedding cake. The modern wedding consists of eighty-sixin' some old wedding traditions and implementing new, creative themes and ideas. One thing that has stayed constant, but ever changing at the same time, is the wedding cake. Important choices to make when finding your wedding cake are budget, design, and flavor.

Cake budget has been on the minds of brides for as long as wedding planning has been going on. However, the opinions are changing at a rapid rate. The base budget of your cake, whenever you decide what your budget is, is going to be the "per slice" fee. Most bakeries and cake designers start with that. Cakes range from $1.50 per slice (for do it yourself brides) to $20.00 per slice, for the most elaborate cake design, with the "per slice" fee being said, its important you coordinate this to the amount of RSVPs that you've received. Remember, those who eat the main course, will also expect cake. The average wedding cake costs around $550.00. There is no set design or tier that coordinates with this cost. It all depends on who you get to design your cake and how many embellishments that you add to it.

The design element of the cake deciphers how much you pay for it, after deciding how many mouths you want to feed. The two main frosting types for wedding cakes are: butter-cream and fondant. Butter-cream is far less expensive than fondant and traditionally tastes better. Embellishments like fondant pearls, gum paste flowers, and multiple tiers will add additional costs to the cake. Since the topic of design is up to bat, there have been new spins and creations on the traditional cake concept. Some brides are choosing to serve "mini cakes" to their guests that would otherwise replicate a large centerpiece. Others opt for cupcakes designed around a cupcake tree, a structure built to hold individual cup cakes somewhat in the shape of a cascading tree.

It has to taste good. Glass half-empty personalities would often say that wedding cake doesn't even taste good and they don't know why brides spend money on it. Well, today's cakes are not from your mother's wedding. Today's bakers and cake specialists are coming up with some of the most creative and delicious flavors to incorporate in wedding cakes. Flavors can range from the traditional vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry to some fun and elaborate tastes such as butter pecan, Italian cream, and pear. Bakers are incorporating fruit flavors in between cake layers and drizzling chocolate over the tops of layers to act as a bonding agent.

Whether your cake is round, square, abstract, or traditional, we are sure that with the top three things to think about when designing your wedding cake, you will feel confident knowing that you planned ahead.

The dream wedding cake [] may not be as expensive as you may be thinking. If you want to find a wedding cake that matches your personality as well as your budget, Dallas Platinum Weddings has some bakeries in mind that we can get you matched up with.

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