Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cupcake Cakes

There is no denying that cupcake cakes are fast becoming a new tradition at birthday parties, showers, and even weddings. They are versatile, simple and practical. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to explore your creativity and cater to every event and any guest!

If you are looking for cake ideas that allow you to indulge your creativity, then cupcake cakes are your answer. Working with multiple pieces allows you to vary colors, and even decorations. These individual cakes also allow you to include a variety of flavors in one simple design. If needed you could even cater to your guest specific dietary needs (like nut allergies, gluten free, or diabetic).

Cupcake cakes are known to come in two forms. The first is also called pull-apart cake and can be defined as a mass of cupcakes arranged in a certain shape (like a particular animal or number) and decorated to look like a whole cake. The second form is individual cupcakes arranged on stands or tiers to take the shape of larger cake, this is the most common form for wedding cupcake cakes.

Even if you are not oozing with creativity, cupcake cakes are the perfect choice. Cupcakes are simpler to bake than an entire cake and require a lot less experience. They are also a lot more forgiving, if you mess up on one its easier to toss (or scrape off) one rather than an entire cake.

Cupcakes are also a great choice for practical reasons. First off, they are easier to transport than any cake. And transporting cupcakes has become even easier with all the new cases available. Second, cupcake cakes are an excellent choices for parties or wedding because they do not require any cutting, utensils or plates. And last, just look at them they speak for themselves they are beautiful, whimsical, and totally do-able.

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