Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wedding Cupcake Cakes

More and more women are deciding to use wedding cupcake cakes at their wedding rather than the usual wedding cake. If you're not sure which you'd like to have at your own wedding, you will probably be interested in knowing why cupcakes are better than a regular cake. Besides the obvious fact that they will save you money, there are three other reasons why they are better.

Cupcakes are one of the newest trends. If you want to be ahead of the crowd and like doing things that are unique, then this is definitely the option for you. Displays of elegant cupcakes are just starting to show up everywhere, including bridal shows.

Cupcakes are easier to work with. Baking cupcakes is a lot easier than baking a cake, which requires a lot more work to look nice. In the event that the decorations on a cupcake don't come out just right, it can be thrown away rather than wasting an entire cake. They are also much easier to transport to your wedding reception and serving them to your guests is a breeze.

Cupcakes add more variety. Instead of a single flavor of cake with one kind of decoration, you can have as many flavors as you'd like. The decorations can be as traditional or trendy as you'd like and each cupcake can even have its own unique look.

So if you're looking for something different for your wedding, you should definitely consider wedding cupcake cakes. Not only will you have an easier time working with the smaller cupcakes than you would with a larger cake, but you'll have a unique and memorable display that will add the perfect touch to your reception.

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